Frequently asked questions

Where do you source your products?

We have local and national vendor partners. Products are based on availability, seasonality and location.

Can I choose brands?

Yes. We do have an option to customize your Gesture where you may request specific brands.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Free delivery in our current markets. We are in 38+ cities for consumer app. And we offer free delivery in major US markets for Gesture for Business. (NYC, Chicago, Denver, LA, and Las Vegas etc.)

How far do you deliver? Do you go outside of your service area? If so, is it extra?

We have options for outside of the service area deliveries. It is on a case by case basis.

Can I get a discount on the package?

It is negotiable depending on your business needs.

Can I pay monthly?

Currently we only offer an annual subscription which is already discounted.

Does my balance expire after 1 year?

Yes, the purpose is to use Gesture for gifting regularly.

What products do you carry?

We offer flowers, wine, champagne and custom gifts curated by our VIP Concierge team.

What if I do not know my client’s home address?

We developed SmartSend technology that allows you to send gifts without knowing the address: all we need is the full name and email address of the recipient, and Gesture takes care of the rest.

What if my client is not home to receive the gift?

As per our terms of service, Gesture reserves the right to charge a customer the full order amount if the recipient is not at the designated delivery location when the courier arrives to complete the delivery.

How long have you been in business?

Gesture was launched in October 2018. Gesture for Business has been active since 2020.

Where are your HQ?

Currently our main office is in midtown NYC.

Do you pay for your products?

Yes. We pay for products at local vendors.

Can I downgrade my tier package?

Your tier terms are firm; however, it is based on case by case basis. You may submit a request to your account manager.

How do I know for sure that I will use this?

You will be really happy when you get feedback from your recipients.

Do you have other businesses like ours? What are you success stories?

Yes. Our customers are start-ups, small businesses, as well as national law firms.

What is the average order size?

We can handle 100-500 orders within 3 business days in major US markets.

Do you send custom packages?

We have a tier package dedicated for custom gifts curated by VIP Concierge team; the word no is not part of their vocabulary.

What if I want to add my own marketing material?

Yes. We do offer white labeling at Premium and Enterprise tier packages.

What if I have clients all over USA?

Currently we focus on major US markets. Although, we may be able to create a custom package with custom pricing for your needs. We advise to consult with your Senior Enterprise Account Executive.

How fast can you deliver the gifts?

Although Gesture for Business is not meant to be on demand, we do offer it as fast as in 2 business days for bulk orders.

What recipient information do you need?

Our SmartSend technology allows you to send gifts to your recipients by providing only the full name and email address. Gesture takes care of the rest.

Do you capture my client’s info and remarket?

We store information for record keeping purposes.

What is your refund policy?

In rare cases, we are forced to refund orders due to insufficient supply, or other issues. In this event, you will always be fully refunded and our customer service team can help you with a re-order, finding substitutes or any other solution required. Refunds are given in the form of "platform cash" within the account?

What if I my team members sign up using their email. Can I group the accounts?

You can share funds from a primary account to a other accounts. Because this has to do with moving available funds from account to account, we ask that you email us at or reach out to your account manager.

What are your terms?

Cash Money!! Visa, MC, Discover or that Amex Card

What is the most popular option?

Gesture for Business Custom Pricing is the most popular amongst enterprise users.

What gifts do you recommend?

We recommend personalized gifts. If you know that your recipient likes wine then find out what is their favorite brand and allow our VIP Concierge team to arrange the perfect gift for your recipient that they won’t forget and thank you for with positive word of mouth and future business referrals.

Do you actually do the shipping?

Yes, Gesture rarely ships as most Gestures are delivered by courier directly to your recipient's door. In the case Gesture is shipped it will be from one of our marketplace vendors. Shipping times may vary depending on vendor location and production times. Shipping information will be provided upon processing your Gesture.